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The Future of The Global Gaming Industry

Friday, June 27th, 2014

The Global Gaming Business is in the midst of unprecedented challenges with the convergence of market needs, technology, brands, products offered, methods of sale and distribution (casino, lottery, online, mobile and social gaming). James Berkeley has been joined by 9 gaming leaders to share their perspective on the future of the industry. Click here

Next month, James Berkeley will be exploring these and other issues at the pre-eminent global gathering of industry leaders in Barcelona at the World Gaming Executive Summit You can read his thoughts in live blog posts from the event, interviews with key players and an event summary appearing here.


Changing Insurance Analyst Perspective

Monday, June 23rd, 2014


The speed and quantity of information about publicly and privately run insurance and reinsurance businesses is at an all time high. Yet in the public arena, the quality of information generated by rating agencies, banking analysts, in-house investor relations and others is woefully inadequate. James looks at the work of banking analysts in this talk and asks why their questioning and analysis is so shallow and rarely forsees key industry events or trends until it is too late. James offers tips to analysts on how they can gather sharper insight from top management in the insurance sector and apply that to the knowledge of retail and institutional investors to make wiser investment decisions.

Private Health Insurance Exchanges – A New Dawn

Monday, June 16th, 2014


James addresses challenges that private healthcare insurance consumers, carriers, administrators, consultants, investors and employers face today with the emergence of multiple private health insurance exchanges. He offers suggestions on how they can stay competitive while maintaining a high level of quality service for their clients. He also draws comparisons with exchange models and development outside the sector, providing clues to who will and most likely won’t profitably grow in the sector.

Insurance Is Not Boring

Monday, June 9th, 2014


The insurance and reinsurance business in North America, Bermuda and London has disproportionately relied on young people with a family connection, to attract the brightest and best people to the sector. There is a bifurcation between those young people who stay for a short while and those who build a career in the field. In those first few months and years in the business, the key is the beliefs and behaviours of the “lynchpins”. The formal and informal leaders, customer interface with the organisation, employee development processes etc that hold the whole business together. In firms at the operational level, where there is goal congruency with senior management intent and mutual shared interests, there is a tremendous correlation with bright young people sticking around. Learn to understand what your firm needs to do to dramatically improve its’ ability to attract the future stars.

Insurance in Transformation: Customer Centricity

Monday, June 2nd, 2014


A convergence of the economic crisis, new resulting regulations and growing consumerisation are potentially leading to a perfect storm for insurance distributors and advisory firms. James addresses areas that the people running those businesses often overlook, which in turn means lost business and revenue.