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Grief & Suffering

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
Your Choices

There are foreseen and unforeseen events in our professional lives (loss of a key client or a job) and personal lives (divorce and death), which causes us great pain, and where we have may little or no control. However, we do have control and choices over the length and depth of our “suffering“. I am talking about how we let events affect our behaviour, attitudes and ultimately, beliefs.

  1. We can caste blame at others and adopt a victimhood position.
  2. We can stick our head in the sand and procrastinate about taking the necessary actions required to move us into a comfort zone.
  3. We can dramatically improve our self-talk, identify the cause and take action now, to improve our condition, and adapt or mitigate the consequences of our “loss”.

Those are very real choices in almost every situation. If you are reading this and thinking, that is great but I am still stuck 30 days on from my “loss”, get qualified help. There is a reason you are stuck, you lack clear thinking about the path ahead (fog), you have lost sight of past reference points (second-guessing yourself) or you are fearful (perceived, actual, catastrophic risks). You have almost certainly succeeded in extracting yourself in the past from similar situations with impressive results. You need reminding of your past success, and to first, give yourself permission to move forward. You cannot do that if you insist on keeping your foot on the brake.   

Technology: Friend or Foe

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

When you blindly see technology as an “end” in of itself, not a “means” to a more impressive client experience, greater productivity, reduced risk and so on, you self-limit your own power and control. Think about that for a minute. 

Business Growth Pain

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Losing Control

Why do more founders of small businesses spend more time thinking about relinquishing control as they scale their business than dealing with it? Let me be clear, I am not talking about selling the business, I am talking about relinquishing aspects of the business that bore them or they are least effective in (agreeing new personal accountabilities and behaviours).

I’ll tell you why, they are constantly second-guessing themselves, and they are fearful of being judged. Their default is to procrastinate, knowing that they cannot be held accountable if a definitive decision is not made. The founder’s problem is the stress and pain builds each day with the increasing demands co-investors, clients, peers, employees and business partners put on them.

That needn’t be the case if they are looking at the horizon, not at their toes. If they are willing to make decisions, accept prudent risk and not revert to their former self. If you need help, find an experienced entrepreneur as you proceed, who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and can help you translate the changes to your personal circumstances, ahead of time. 

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