Blockchain in Soccer: A Solution Chasing A Problem


Last week, the gregarious Ian Stafford, a colorful figure in global sports, hosted a US sports agency pitching the merits of blockchain in soccer to industry figures and investors at the London Sporting Club. The power of tech to unpick the corrupt, opaque and obscure world of nefarious player contracts, agents and clubs is the premise. Yet like many articulate promoters of distributed ledgers and their  transformative value, the sports agents are visibly overcoming by the tech euphoria but are guilty of overlooking the “cause”, naked avarice. A human condition that first and foremost, is about a warped belief system, “I can take out of the system, more than I put in and no one will nail me for it.” Perhaps that worked for Buggsy Malone but blockchain isn’t the answer. It is publicly naming and shaming those villains, who transgress the rules, imposing huge financial penalties and prison sentences.  Then and only then, will soccer earn the trust and respect from those inside and outside the industry.

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