Merry Christmas

To all our readers and friends around the world we wish you a peaceful and restful holidays. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2015 with renewed enthusiasm to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Too often when we near the end of the year, we beat ourselves up about our failures rather than reflect on what we omitted to do for whatever reason.

1. What opportunities did I fail to invest in, support or embrace in 2014 and what was the “cause” (fear, missing competency or passion) behind my omission?

2. In 2015, what do I resolve to do better when faced with a similar opportunity?

3. What must I invest in and concentrate on to improve my performance?  (new skills, learning, technology, mindset and so on)

4. Where can I acquire that competency and knowledge? (expertise, resources)

5. When do I start? (time, date, action)

6. What is my “reward” for accomplishing that improvement? (holiday, personal time or interest pursued etc.)


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