10 Non Surprises

  1. The only surprise about Donald Trump is that the general public, politicians and media are shocked by his comments. Ignore him. Starved of the oxygen of publicity, his campaign and ego will plummet in the polls.
  2. Further revelations this week about FIFA and Mr Blatter, put everyone in a shocking light.
  3. Brazil’s economic contraction reveals incompetence and graft amongst business and political figures, whose success has largely been sustained by others turning a blind eye.
  4. A wealthy UK Conservative Party donor would splash £240,000 for Mrs Thatcher’s red despatch box. (I was in the Christie’s London saleroom on Tuesday, which resembled a Croatian border crossing. Hands in the air, voices screaming feverishly at the auctioneer, who stroked his chin and decided, which sugar plum fairy to pluck the next bid from.)
  5. A high profile hedge fund manager (BlueCrest), whose external suite of funds dramatically under performs their internal funds, closes its’ doors to external investors, claiming its’ difficult to turn a profit in the current fee environment.
  6. The combustible pairing of Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich ends in a second divorce and tears.
  7. EU leaders, who have moved in centimetres not kilometres to resolve the euro crisis, re-buff David Cameron’s opening demands to re-define the EU’s relationship with the UK.
  8. AIG’s embattled CEO, Peter Hancock,  fires 23% of senior management in a bid to placate activist shareholders and gets served up even more opprobrium.
  9. Kirill Shamalov, the man who married Putin’s daughter, we now learn made a fortune with the help of a loan from a well-connected bank.
  10. The meteoric rise of Fosun’s founder Guo Guangchang attracts the attention of the Chinese police.

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