Are You Thinking What I Was Thinking IV

  • Apple announces record quarterly profits and unprecedented growth in China and news organisations (BBC, CNN, CNBC) immediately fire bullets at the Company’s tax policies rather than celebrate or understand their success
  • 50 years on from Winston Churchill’s death I am hard-pressed to nominate a world leader today who is fit to tie his bespoke John Lobb shoelaces
  • In a era of big data and predictive analytics our ability to predict catastrophes accurately (winter storms in New York, radical Greek political machinations and so on) is still very suspect
  • We rush to judgement on so much that we know so little about (celebrity relationships, diets, climate change)
  • We omit to think about and take action about matters we know an awful lot about (our own behaviour, our state of overwhelm, our time management)
  • There is 256 variables that life insurers apply to determine your life expectancy, at any one time we probably focus on a maximum of 5 health and well-being improvements, why worry?
  • Stock markets and major indices are largely set for another impressive year of growth, all this with a global war on radical Islam, strife in the Ukraine, hunger and pandemic diseases in Africa and the Indian subcontinent
  • Breaking point: Superbowl Sunday 30-second halftime ads are 100 times more expensive (US$4.5 million) and viewership in the US has only tripled since 1967
  • Major cities such as New York, London, Mumbai and Shanghai have invested record amounts in transportation infrastructure, yet the improvement in the time taken to cross the City can be measured in seconds rather than minutes
  • Seven years of quantitative easing while helpful to global trade, has created asset bubbles (London real estate, global art market), where market makers and investors need to tread extremely carefully
  • Award ceremonies (Oscars, Grammys, BAFTA etc.) are more about the participants vanity than the quality of the work created
  • London feels like the centre of the world when nations such as Qatar are now the largest real estate owner and you can walk into a West End eaterie and hear 25 languages spoken on a Wednesday evening in January
  • We are in a period of unprecedented global growth yet the media would have you believe we are stuck in an economic vortex (woe in Europe and US, slowing Chinese consumer demand and insipid Japanese industrial output)
  • 2015 will see an unprecedented level of merger and acquisition activity driven by convergence of capital, distribution and technology leaving few business niches untouched.
  • Businesses are going to have to take up the slack educating and generally readying (on the job training) new entrants to the workforce in response to gaping holes in the quality of public education in North America and W. Europe
  • “Data rights” are going to be as valuable as mineral, land, media or image rights in the next 5 years, and just as contentious, when companies such as Google and Amazon seek to monetise the data in ways we never envisaged

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