Are You Thinking What I Was Thinking VI

  • When foreign politicians and others express “surprise” at the course of negotiations with Greek politicians, I cannot take them seriously. Greeks have haggled for millennia.
  • We are far too often “taken in” by symbolic (a new title) rather than meaningful gestures (opportunity to learn a new skill) that helps us thrive in our  lives
  • We want our kids to better their lives (broaden their horizons) but begrudge or put up defences preventing others (intelligent migrants) doing the same in Europe
  • We seek to rationalise the irrational too often. There are people with diametrically opposed values (IS) where our only option is to confront them for better or worse.
  • The “golden age” if it ever existed in many industries (pubs, betting shops, casinos, insurance salesmen) is over squeezed by convergent forces (technology, globalisation, demographic changes, social values). It isn’t making a comeback.
  • New digital music streaming services (Apple, Tidal) will succeed or fail on their ability to sustain their brand power. I’d be much more confident about the former and much more circumspect about Jay Z’s future.
  • There is more charities and not-for-profits persisting with events, hosts and dispassionate audiences than at any point this side of the millennium. Time for a change!
  • The gulf between what is a “cool”, innovative or trailblazing experience in capital and provincial cities has never been wider.
  • If cars and lorries in major urban cities are required to have roll bars, why are cyclists not required to where helmets?
  • Does the rise of festivals (Glastonbury, Coachella) and mass participation events (exotic marathons, Iron Man) say more about our desire of being “part of something” (one of a kind experiences) or “getting in” (oneupmanship)?

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