Easter Treasure Hunt

One of the fun reminders of childhood is Easter treasure hunts around the garden for the hidden chocolate eggs. In the Spring sunshine, some of the eggs are easily spotted and others require rather more ingenuity. Yet young kids with a paucity of experience but a nose for the prize, move with unerring accuracy to collect their treasure.

It reminds me of a common failure many businesses make when contemplating entry into a new market and the fears that inhibit success. Convention states that we must know all the fine details of how to market, sell and deliver services to our target clients and we must have established an appropriate business model to do that efficiently and effectively.  So much thinking before we start doing that often we find the prizes have disappeared because a larger competitor has swept into the market or our assumptions are no longer valid due to other disruptive forces.

My observation  is that when you have sufficient knowledge of what you are looking for (the chocolate egg) and the wherewithal to work out the quickest path to your goal (wisdom), you are far better served getting started. You almost certainly will have to make one or more changes of direction along the way because even veterans make invalid assumptions or unforeseen obstacles conspire to scupper the best plans. If you are prepared for it that shouldn’t deter your ability to accomplish your goals. After all the eggs won’t stay hidden forever and worse, there is no  guarantee they won’t melt in the spring sunshine.

Happy Easter wherever you may be.

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