Trading Places

Bored by taking the “tour” around your industry’s annual events ever year, seeing the same faces speaking and pontificating on the future of the business? Try this “celebrity” game at market events to liven things up:

How have the fortunes of the leading and best supporting “actors” in the industry evolved in the past 12 months and how might they evolve in the next 36 months?

Can you spot who are

The “Sean Connerys”: the wealthy, sun-tanned and revered still rolled out to awards and benefits for their kudos

The “Leonardo DoCaprios”: feted for their enduring talent and image and still drawing a fashionable crowd

The “Philip Seymour Hoffmans”: feted for their heroic talent and presence but unlikely to live with the fame

The “Eddie Murphys”: revered for their “past” commercial prowess, now living in the Hills largely out of fashion save for the need to collect the odd cheque

Trust me there is a serious purpose to this, aside from the humour. Are you hanging out with the right people at the right time to impact your personal and professional success?

It is great reflecting on the wise cracks from Trading Places so long as you are not vesting your time and career prospects in people whose star has long since faded and to whom others suppose you are in the exact same company.


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