California Broker: Certainty In An Uncertain World

The challenge for many owner-managers of brokerages is that they find thinking about the future of their organisation hard work. I am referring to taking conceptual ideas of how to transform the business into pragmatic steps that everyone within the firm can readily understand how their daily interactions support or hinder the firm’s progress.The future of brokerages in California and other businesses is frighteningly simple. There are five components, here are three of them: the quality of management (QM), the quality of employees (QE) and the amount of uncertainty within the business (AU).

In this month’s California Broker, the pre-eminent publication for life and health insurance businesses in California, James provides essential advice for every Owner, irrespective of their time horizon and objectives.

Click below to learn about the other two components and how you can quickly apply this powerful technique to better understand what action you need to undertake to accelerate the probability of arriving at your desired destination.

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