Blind Customer Service

I called my opticians asking to order some more contact lenses. The receptionist responds, “sorry sir, we don’t seem to have your records.” After giving a few more details, she responds “let me go and speak to one of my colleagues.” She returns saying, “I found your details, I am sorry they are out of date on our system. Bear with me, do you think you could come in for a new eye test, such that we can update our records?” (I’d only done that 6 weeks ago). Then the conversation moves onto suitable appointment times, three of my suggestions are met with “I am sorry we have no availability”. She asks to put me on hold (we’ve been speaking for 11 minutes). We finally get a convenient date agreed. 

Opticians as with dentists and vets businesses are feted for their clients loyalty, the predictability of recurring business and their earnings. When customer service is so derisory, how long before those “strengths” evaporate and then is no “magic” left?  

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