Synthesising Technology and Outstanding Customer Experience

A hugely frustrating experience this past week trying to make a routine order with a Universal Music digital store reminded me that even the biggest brands have a hard time synthesizing technology and the customer experience. “Digitisation” was cited this week in a global business survey as one of the three biggest challenges facing businesses and top management in the next three months (globalisation and productivity gains). Here are my golden rules:

  1. Technology is there to enhance the speed and quality of your communication between different people and the relationship that ensues, it is not there to replace them. What your customers expect today is not instant access but a rapid response. 
  2. Shop your own business once a month, at a minimum.
  3. Ask yourself, where would I rank (high/moderate/low) BOTH the quality and responsiveness of our frontline communication? Where does it need to be in future? What are the changes we must instigate now? Who (by name) is accountable for the behaviours and results we must achieve?

We tend to think of digitisation as some biblical transformation often lost in “geeksphere”. In practice, it is about a large number of small improvements that everyone in the firm can contribute to and the application of common sense.

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