Pitch Perfect

Have you ever met anyone who honestly wants to receive an “elevator pitch”? Why do so called experts persist in suggesting businesses and funds seeking to raise capital include one in their conversations and marketing collaterals? I’ll tell you why, their mindset is all about “selling” the individuals, business or Fund and snatching something in return (scarce capital).

Contrast this with suggesting the individuals, the business or the Fund draft a powerful value proposition. 1-2 sentences that dramatises the “value” created for the recipient and the singularity of their approach.

A luxury concierge business, “we help dramatically transform the lives of time-poor and asset rich families.”

An AI Venture Capital Fund, “we invest in strong and dynamic high growth businesses able to harness artificial intelligence to generate breakthrough improvements and superior returns.”

I am not trying to sell a thing, what I do urge you to articulate is the dramatic value and singularity.

1. Why should I delve deeper after reading your teaser or tear sheet? (self-interest, visible need)
2. Is it memorable? (Brevity, distinctive)
3. Does it immediately provoke my curiosity? (Human need addressed, a problem solved or the human spirit enriched)

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