15 Mega Relationship Questions For Every Situation

Whether you are hiring a key person, seeking to be hired, wanting to develop a peer, subordinate, key client, business partner or investor relationship, here are 15 mega questions you must always have in the back of your head. You have my permission to copy and paste this list and use it as you wish with appropriate attribution to me.

The beauty of these questions is in the simplicity and their power. “Simplicity”, asking a short question results in people revealing more. It crystallizes it for them. “Power” in that emotion and passion are key to getting others to act. We want people to be alive and we want to tap into their deepest place so that they reveal themselves. You can’t demand people to reveal themselves, you have to ask it in a way so that they reveal themselves.

Mega Relationship Questions

  1. Tell me about your obsessions?
  2. Tell me what you are passionate about?
  3. Tell me about your earliest memories?
  4. Tell me about the defining moments in your life or career?
  5. Tell me about your proudest achievements?
  6. Tell me about your greatest disappointments?
  7. Tell me about your hopes?
  8. Tell me about your favourites?
  9. What are the fundamentals of your own success?
  10. Tell me about your secret talents?
  11. Tell me about your biggest conflicts?
  12. Tell me about your fears?
  13. What would be your final piece of advice?
  14. Tell me about your influences?
  15. What makes you tick?

The added advantage is that these three dimensional questions enable you to change the length, depth and breadth of any conversation with minimal effort.

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