Talking Shops

How many industry or professional associations, networking groups, clubs, social or sporting interest groups and so forth are you really deriving meaningful benefit from? By “meaningful”, I mean when you look at the scarcity of your time and energy today and the year ahead, who do you really need to spend time with this year? I draw a sharp distinction with symbolic benefit. Invites to attend, speak, and participate with people by virtue of your status that do little or nothing to the life you want to lead or serve only to address your past professional or personal needs.

Who is really going to help you with your business and career growth? Who is really going to provide the dramatic learning and development opportunities that you need to acquire? Who is really going to provide you with the experiences, gratification and fun that you desire?

I’ll bet for most of us we could drop 30% of the memberships, associations, clubs, groups, events, and interests, with zero impact on our lives. Many don’t because they procrastinate (“I’ll give it a miss next year”) and never get around to making those changes. Others think that past success is a reason for sticking with it when in reality the ship has sailed. The club or group today is less diverse, less attractive to the most successful and is merely a talking shop. A forum for the bloviates to boast about their success, their years of affiliation and to ignore the reality.

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