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A Conversation with James Berkeley

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


Join Chad Barr in a conversation with James Berkeley on how his firm, Ellice Consulting, is helping executives and organizations dramatically improve their operating performance. James talks about his “past”, his passion and his ability to apply that rapidly to transform his clients’ futures (increasing revenues, improving image, happier clients, faster growth, reduced risk and so on). Over a near 25 year career, James has sat in almost every seat in the “house”. An adviser to multinational businesses, an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, an investor and a Board member, he brings a unique perspective of someone, who has successfully tested his powerful approaches in the real world, not just on white boards in a sterile executive’s office. He also brings a “blast of fresh air” (success practices from other industries and geographies) to industry sectors that are awash with corporate executives and so called “experts” swimming in endless industry data and information.