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Facebook’s Mousetrap

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Over a crackled, and clearly excruciatingly cheap phone line, “Hello, I am Anand, I am not trying to sell anything but one of your Facebook friends has suggested that I call you….” Just ridiculous. If this was an isolated incident, you’d ignore it but when it is the 17th call in two weeks, you ask yourself to what extent is one of the world’s 5 largest companies taking the defense of its’ customers data seriously. Judging by this weekend’s Sunday newspapers, full page advertorials, the company is keen to be seen on the right side of the data protection and ownership wave sweeping through Europe. Great but wouldn’t a more meaningful response rather symbolic gestures with public demonstrations of visible scammers snared in their mousetrap, reassure users that they are really serious and on their side?

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Idiotic Management: British Telecom (BT)

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

A call from a Jennifer Williams at BT, our broadband service provider’s security department, alerts us to suspicious activity. The call request details send us to their main customer telephone (30 minute wait) or their chat line function, hosted in some far fetched location, where you spend 30 minutes trying to get someone, who can input your account details accurately.  If BT’s management are truly serious about lowering the costs of fraud, and improved customer care, they would do well shopping their own business processes. They make the keystone cops look like MI5.

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