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The Ideal High Net Worth Investor

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Direct investment levels from High Net Worth entrepreneurs and families are expected to outpace all other global capital sources upto 2020.

When we want private investors money are we thinking hard enough about the traits that define our ideal investor?

  • Has a need or can be helped to see a need easily for the investment opportunity
  • Has the means and authority to invest money
  • Has or could have an emotional and personal connection for making the investment (Critical with HNW, Family Offices & Entrepreneurs)
  • Has an intellectual (curiosity), social (impact) or cultural (shared values) motive to invest
  • Can act quickly
  • Focuses on value
  • Risk appetite aligned
  • Honest and open communicator (past successes and failures)
  • Track record of similar collaborations
  • Open-minded to the diverse past of the management team (credentials, age, accomplishments etc)
  • Peripheral benefits (credibility, rapport with other investors, peer networks, talent magnet, shared services and so on)

How many of these traits are you considering right now?


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