Life Experiences: White Knuckle Ride

The excitement of growing businesses in new markets is the richness and diversity of the life experiences.

St. Moritz, Switzerland this coming weekend hosts the climax of one of the truly unique and compelling sights, The White Turf Festival.  A stunning 2.5 hour train ride from the heart of Zurich for three Sundays in February, the Engadine Valley is host to a seductive cocktail of bravery, extravagant wealth and luxury. Flat and trotting races are complemented by skijoring, six men “water skiing” behind racehorses and travelling at upto 30 MPH.

Most of all there is exceptional people watching…. One of my earliest memories is a Cartier cocktail party with three early 50’s ladies whose facial expression while attempting to nibble on a canape resembled a guppy fish. The cosmetic surgeon had clearly left nothing to chance. Then there was the debonnaire sun-kissed German who arrived with his dog attached to his stripped Charvet tie, proclaiming how he had left the dog’s lead in the nightspot, Dracula after a heavy night’s partying!

Yet amongst the exotic Russians, mildly eccentric European aristos and the odd Al Thani there is a surprisingly warm and inclusive experience for the open-minded visitor…. Of course no trip to St Moritz is complete without a visit to “The Club” and the 7:30AM novice run down the bone-shaking Cresta Run. For the more genteel, the towns and villages in the enchanting valley provide a seductive backdrop of equisite scenery, beautiful walks and fabulous food heavily influenced by the proximity to the Italian border. To pass off this experience as a ringside seat in a rich playground, is to miss a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


white turf st moritz 06

White Turf – At Night










white turf st moritz 03

The “Home Stretch” – Skijoring










white turf st moritz 02

The White Turf










white turf st moritz 07

View From The Stands










white turf st moritz 04

Thrillseekers await at “The Club”










white turf st moritz 05

The infamous “Shuttlecock” corner, a lonely straw bale for protection












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