Excuse Me

I am standing at a cocktail event in the Irish Embassy talking to various tech entrepreneurs and investors. To my right marches up “Alan”, a sixty year old silver haired man offering canapés on a silver salver. When we are done, he insists on scattering us when he marches between us to his next “prey”. I don’t presume at first there is anything untoward until he does the exact same thing four subsequent times during the night.

It is easy to presume in business someone is “damaged” when we experience a bad first impression. We are wrong to jump to conclusions about a single instance. How do I know he wasn’t tired, poorly trained or distracted momentarily? What we need to zero in on are patterns of reckless or bad behaviour and the probable cause.

To have the courage to confront it, if it is serious enough, and to let it go, if it is a minor irritant. Too often I witness people, who cannot remove the emotion from their judgement, screaming at ticket attendants or absolving slovenly behaviour when addressing their clients. Let’s move on.

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